Night of Festivals Leicester Aug 2014


Kat our lead teacher has been taking part in an amazing art project that will be finalised live in Leicester City Centre From 12pm, Sunday 17th Aug 14 on Humberstone Gate.

Kat has been working with a group of local artists led by the Freedom Artist Alison Denholm via Embrace Arts and Art Reach. The aim was to create a giant wax silk painting that will hang in The Curve Theatre.

The art work will show a journey of an art walk through the Leicester City area that all the artists took part in back in July. The theme of the festival is freedom and how Leicester’s multi cultural communities, places and land marks represent freedom.

We hope to see you on Sunday to see the live giant silk painting come together.


Night of Festivals Sunday 17th August 2014

Well it was a lot of material to paint and there was only 6 artists altogether, painting beautiful vibrant dyes onto the wax design on the 40m long piece of silk. The public were extremely curious asking about our art work and the festival and some youngsters were even able to lend a hand under our watchful eye. We had made a good start and were all  painting away by mid day but unfortunately rain stopped play. We had a few little showers that we handled by covering the silk painting up with plastic sheeting. However there was one big downpour. We could not stop the force of nature and had to stop. Some of the sections of the painting ran but in some areas this only enhanced the art work!

I am told by Art Reach that the silk painting will be finished off and we will be informed when it it is finished and hung in the Curve Theatre Leicester, so watch this space. I think it may be a while but I am looking forward to seeing the final piece.

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