Iliffe Arts Supporting LAMP’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Kat, Iliffe Arts artist at the LAMP 25th anniversary celebrations

On Friday 12th September 2014, Iliffe Arts supported LAMP (Leicester Action Mental Health Project) to celebrate their 25th anniversary, at the Y Theatre. LAMP are based in Leicester and are a specialist advocacy service for people suffering from mental ill health.

Kat our lead teacher and artist, set up and led a community art project throughout the day supporting everyone to contribute and get involved in helping to create a sculpture, to represent the amazing work that LAMP have done over the past 25 years.

The initial construction of the community art sculpture by Kat 

This sculpture represents the open mind and freedom of speech that LAMP’s advocacy and support services has created over its 25 years.

WP_20140911_001 WP_20140911_002 WP_20140911_003 WP_20140912_001 WP_20140912_002 WP_20140912_003 WP_20140912_004

Images of the community art sculpture as it grew throughout the day.


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“Iliffe Arts Ltd- A social enterprise business dedicated in providing a service to support people through coaching, via visual and performing arts and physical activity, to raise their self-esteem and to empower each individual to achieve their full creative potential in education and in life.”
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