Iliffe Arts provides specialist alternative education using the arts and physical expression. Through focused visual and performing arts projects we support people who are disadvantaged, disengaged with formal education and that are in danger of under-achieving or not fulfilling their full potential.

We promote building confidence including positive mental health, self- identity and self- efficiency. Our experienced staff are talented role models who provide a supportive environment to help build resilience. We teach students how to be creative and positively express themselves both collaboratively and individually, in a variety of ways. This may include visual expression through art and graphic communication or verbal expression by learning to write a rap and perform poetry, as well as learning how to use positive physical expression and body language through physical theatre or dance. We also specialise in building confidence, teaching swimming and water safety, providing valuable life skills  and promoting positive physical and mental health.

Iliffe Arts is a Social Enterprise Business based in Leicester. We have a team of qualified, passionate and experienced teachers and expressive arts tutors with years of experience teaching all ages and abilities within main stream, special, community education and recreation. We have supported people with varied Special Educational Needs, Disabilities and Social Emotional Behavioural Difficulties. We have also worked with people who are new to speaking English.

We have first hand experience as well as particular expertise supporting people within our specialist areas;

CACH Project – Supporting Children of African and Caribbean Heritage via our Alternative Education Project with local schools, As well as free Lottery funded workshops during school holidays.


Up-cycle Shop – Promoting environmentally friendly design via arts and crafts. Providing work experience and recycled products for the Up-cycle Shop, to sell and raise money to fund our Up-cycle craft workshops.

LAFA Project – Supporting Looked After, Fostered, Adopted or Trans racially adopted youngsters via our Alternative Education Project with local schools, foster and adoption agencies and local authorities.


Swim Academy Supporting people of all ages to improve their confidence in water, be physically fit, and gain swimming and water safety skills. Swim Academy supplies swimming lessons for specific groups of people who may not have access to swimming lessons or be taught to swim. e.g youngsters from our LAFA and CACH Projects.

Iliffe Arts can help empower your service users or students lives, particularly within our specialist areas above.  Iliffe Arts will create specialist physical expressive, visual and performing arts workshops or courses with the students’ needs in mind.

Our services support particular disadvantaged, disengaged and vulnerable groups of people in having fun, learning valuable life and social skills and enabling them to raise their confidence, self-discipline, building positive mental well-being and resilience, that ultimately empowers them to reach their full potential.

It’s never too late to learn to swim and feel more confident in the water no matter how old you are, your ability or disability. Or get involved in the arts and unleash your inner creativity to boost your confidence and life enjoyment.

Please contact us for more information about Iliffe Arts taster sessions, workshops, courses and prices.


Iliffe Arts Logo

Our logo design is influenced by the art work of Keith Haring.

Visit  haring.com  to see his amazing and inserting art work.



Iliffe Arts Ltd Company Number 8842962

Registered in England and Wales

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