CACH Summer School- Mon 1st- Fri 12th Aug 2016



During the first 2 weeks of August, Iliffe Arts ran our first CACH Project Summer School, for Children of African and Caribbean Heritage. (For more info about The CACH Project- click here) The project is being funded by Awards for All Lottery Grant, to enable us to provide a range of free fun and creative activities to support this group of often under-achieving children in the Leicester area aged 7-16.

Over the two weeks, the children enjoyed celebrating their cultural heritage and learning about positive black role models. We watched and discussed inspirational films such as “Remember the Titans’’ starring Denzel Washington. The Children created art work and learned how to safely use a craft knife to cut out the different shapes of their chosen national flags. They learnt some street dance routines with Leicester’s very own Carnival Queen 2016 Shereene Williams, learning positive body language, communication and performance skills.

At the end of the two weeks, the children took part in a show case of what they had been doing throughout the two weeks. They were dedicated and worked hard, to write and learn their lyrics and then successfully performed their rap with a microphone and in front of a live audience. For many this was a hard, new and daunting task to begin with, but they all worked hard to support each other and did themselves proud by putting on a dance and rap show for the parents, carers, and directors of Iliffe Arts.  The children were also able to record their rap alongside a local DJ, ‘Mista Siyah’, which was also a new and exciting opportunity for them that they thoroughly enjoyed.

The feedback from both parents and children has been extremely positive and Iliffe Arts has successfully been able to fulfil the aims of The CACH Project this summer. Thanks for all the support so far, this is only the beginning so watch out for Iliffe Arts CACH Celebrating Black History Month, during October Half term.

For more information click here

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CACH Summer school Live Rap Performance coming soon!

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Summer Arts Play Scheme


Two of Iliffe Arts tutors lead an Arts play scheme during the summer holidays in July and August. Children from ages 6-16 all enjoyed playing team games and creating public art work that was displayed in Leicester City centre as part of the City Festival.

The children created 6 large scale sculptures and were inspired by Totem Poles. They learnt all about the history, and purpose of the Totem Pole and created each sculpture in celebration of Leicester’s  diversity and multiculturalism.   The sculptures were displayed around the Cathedral Gardens just outside Leicester Cathedral in and amongst the amazing events of the City Festival on Saturday 29th Aurgust 2015.

DSC_1079 DSC_1077
DSC_1073DSC_1064DSC_1078 DSC_1076DSC_1067

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Iliffe Arts Christmas Craft

Iliffe Arts- Christmas all wrapped up Logo

Iliffe Arts- Christmas all wrapped up Logo

Iliffe Arts is delighted to be running some Christmas craft work shops this season. There will be lots of family festive treats to get involved in.

The workshops will be on the weekends of 13th, 14th,  20th and 21st December 2014 at Silver Arcade Leicester. For all to come along and create a festive creation or even a present for a loved one. Inspiring creative and innovative recycling, reusing and unique home made Christmas craft.


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Dinosaur Project

I was looking after my 2 nearly 3 year old nephew and I decided to keep him entertained by teaching him how to be creative. So I asked him what he would like to make and of course he said a T Rex. So we chose some images and printed them out. Raided the recycling bag, got aprons on which didn’t last very long! Got out the PVA glue, (which was his favourite bit,) covered my kitchen table with news paper and got stuck in. I hope you like the final creation as much as he did?



WP_20140611_001 WP_20140611_002 WP_20140611_003 WP_20140611_004 WP_20140611_005 WP_20140611_006 WP_20140611_007 WP_20140611_008 WP_20140611_009 WP_20140615_001 WP_20140615_002 WP_20140615_004 WP_20140615_005 WP_20140615_006 WP_20140702_001

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Iliffe Arts Supporting LAMP’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Kat, Iliffe Arts artist at the LAMP 25th anniversary celebrations

On Friday 12th September 2014, Iliffe Arts supported LAMP (Leicester Action Mental Health Project) to celebrate their 25th anniversary, at the Y Theatre. LAMP are based in Leicester and are a specialist advocacy service for people suffering from mental ill health.

Kat our lead teacher and artist, set up and led a community art project throughout the day supporting everyone to contribute and get involved in helping to create a sculpture, to represent the amazing work that LAMP have done over the past 25 years.

The initial construction of the community art sculpture by Kat 

This sculpture represents the open mind and freedom of speech that LAMP’s advocacy and support services has created over its 25 years.

WP_20140911_001 WP_20140911_002 WP_20140911_003 WP_20140912_001 WP_20140912_002 WP_20140912_003 WP_20140912_004

Images of the community art sculpture as it grew throughout the day.


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LAFA Project- Supporting Looked After, Fostered & Adopted youngsters.

”Iliffe Arts LAFA project supports Looked After, Fostered, and Adopted young people to gain a stronger sense of self identity, belonging, self belief and confidence.”

LAFA Project logo

By taking part in one of Iliffe arts LAFA courses or workshops, young people will learn to communicate creatively, visually, physically, verbally and through artistic expression, sharing experiences with other LAFA young people empowering self identity in all aspects of life.

Iliffe Arts are liaising with schools, academies, colleges, foster and adoption agencies to provide places for young people on Iliffe Arts LAFA project taster workshops and courses. Iliffe Arts have also been working alongside Ofsted to help empower Pupil Premium Plus students to reach their full potential.

Iliffe Arts has a team of professional teachers and practitioners that deliver a fun creative specialist service within all areas of the expressive arts. This could include; 3D sculpture, body painting, street dance fused with contemporary dance, drumming, performance poetry and much much more.

For more information about LAFA project prices and taster sessions please contact us



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Night of Festivals Leicester Aug 2014


Kat our lead teacher has been taking part in an amazing art project that will be finalised live in Leicester City Centre From 12pm, Sunday 17th Aug 14 on Humberstone Gate.

Kat has been working with a group of local artists led by the Freedom Artist Alison Denholm via Embrace Arts and Art Reach. The aim was to create a giant wax silk painting that will hang in The Curve Theatre.

The art work will show a journey of an art walk through the Leicester City area that all the artists took part in back in July. The theme of the festival is freedom and how Leicester’s multi cultural communities, places and land marks represent freedom.

We hope to see you on Sunday to see the live giant silk painting come together.


Night of Festivals Sunday 17th August 2014

Well it was a lot of material to paint and there was only 6 artists altogether, painting beautiful vibrant dyes onto the wax design on the 40m long piece of silk. The public were extremely curious asking about our art work and the festival and some youngsters were even able to lend a hand under our watchful eye. We had made a good start and were all  painting away by mid day but unfortunately rain stopped play. We had a few little showers that we handled by covering the silk painting up with plastic sheeting. However there was one big downpour. We could not stop the force of nature and had to stop. Some of the sections of the painting ran but in some areas this only enhanced the art work!

I am told by Art Reach that the silk painting will be finished off and we will be informed when it it is finished and hung in the Curve Theatre Leicester, so watch this space. I think it may be a while but I am looking forward to seeing the final piece.

WP_20140817_011 WP_20140817_013  WP_20140817_006 WP_20140817_010 Night of Fetivals Wax Silk painting WP_20140817_007 WP_20140817_008 WP_20140817_009 WP_20140817_001 10428708_725656277481938_2298854575736813201_n WP_20140817_005 WP_20140817_014 10559806_725656324148600_4199401680569316361_n

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