Curtis Carrasco

Hello visitors,

My name is Curtis and live in Bexleyheath, Greater London. Being part of Iliffe Arts team is great, I am very enthusiastic about the work they are doing and enjoy contributing and giving my opinions to help.

I am a fun person and love to socialise with people, others would describe me as the life and soul of the party. Whilst I am young I am willing to take part in events to uphold my motivation and determination. It is important for me to keep fit and healthy as my mind will naturally work better and I will be more motivated to get the most from life.

My aspirations are to help others through my own success and accomplish my dreams, learn new skills and qualifications where I can, and be a part of specific projects as they arise along the way.

I have a passion for cooking – I regularly cook for my family and have attended an Italian cooking course in the past. I am also passionate about learning to speak fluent Italian. I am aiming to become bilingual and try to visit Calabria one of my favourite parts of  Italy, as often as possible. I attend the gym twice a week and I enjoy running with my dog! I have run two half marathons and thoroughly enjoyed training for and completing the Tough Mudder Challenge.

During my school years I also had fun competing in The Rock Challenge! I had to learn a dance working with a group of other students and then perform it in front of other schools. On a school skiing trip, I also achieved a Bronze level certification for skiing, showing my level of competency and skill on the slopes. I was also awarded the Jack Petchey award for being an outstanding achiever and was very proud to be recognised as an excellent peer mentor, for supporting new younger students, being approachable and a role model to others.

I have a passion for music and business, I think of my self as an entrepreneur. I saved up enough money after finishing school to buy some equipment and with some help and advice from Iliffe Arts; DJ Mista Siyah, I started to DJ for family and friends parties. Ever since I have had a lot bookings of many successful events, all nights to remember. I also provide a photography service, where I use props for photo shoots. Because of my success I have been able to invest in a Canon EOS 1100D camera. Please see my website for more info about Quarters Entertainment!

I have an interest in property and am employed as a Technician Surveyor. Since working full-time, I have worked hard to save up and buy an affordable property in Leicester at young age 20. I am currently studying to become a professional ASSOCRICS member within the RICS institution and am enjoying embarking on a course about Residential Mortgage Valuations, Building Survey and Homebuyer Reports.

In the near future I will be DJing for more events, travelling parts of the world, mastering the Italian language, signing up for more sporting events and qualifying as a professional Surveyor.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in an Iliffe Arts event.

Curtis  (AKA Quarters)