Kat Rodrigues

Co-founder & Managing Executive Director

Kat liffe- Managing Director & Founder of Iliffe Arts Ltd

Kat Rodrigues- Managing Director & Founder of Iliffe Arts Ltd

Kat would describe herself as a confident proud, outgoing and independent mixed race young woman.  She grew up in Leicestershire and was trans-racially adopted as a baby by amazing, inspiring and brave white British parents. She grew up with her adopted younger brother, who is also mixed raced with Jamaican heritage.

Growing up Kat always struggled at school, and was not a natural academic. Kat was naturally talented in and always enjoyed doing all creative activities and sports. At the late age of 17 Kat was diagnosed with dyslexia and recently has also been diagnosed with mild dyspraxia.

Kat loved studying dance and drama for many years from the age of four, at stage schools within the Leicester and Leicestershire area, partaking in many festivals, shows and competitions. Kat also grew up playing many different sports particularly representing teams playing netball, volleyball and swimming. Kat was a junior competitive swimming from aged 8 to 18 and became a team manager and coach aged 14 for her local swimming club.

Age 16 Kat qualified as a swimming instructor, started working for her local council teaching swimming lessons, running play schemes and coaching for her swimming club as well as coaching for Leicester Disabled swimming club. Kat later studied at university and gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 3D Design Wood, Metal and Plastic. A few years later she went back to university to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education specialising in secondary Art and Design.

Kat now has over six years experience as a classroom teacher specialising in a wide range of art, design and technology subjects, including, resistant materials, textiles and graphics. As well as dance, and Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) support particularly supporting dyslexic students on a one-to-one basis.  Whilst establishing Iliffe arts Ltd, Kat has enjoyed working as a supply teacher in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges including academies, mainstream and special needs schools.

Being a disabled learner, trans-racially adopted and of mixed raced Afro Caribbean Heritage, Kat has had to fight and overcome many barriers and obstacles throughout her whole life. Because of this Kat became a teacher to be a role model to try to inspire, guide and empower as many people as possible to achieve their full potential.

Having gained extensive experience and knowledge of the UK education system, Kat started up Iliffe Arts Ltd in 2013 and believes that the service that Iliffe Arts provides can work harmoniously alongside the current education system and society, today and in the future. Kat strongly believes in the legacy of Iliffe Arts Ltd as a social enterprise and the power of participating in the expressive arts and physical expression, to continue to see people grow and meet their full potential.

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