Swim Academy

Why choose Iliffe Arts Swim Academy?

We are passionate about improving skills, confidence and achievement, but most of all in a positive and fun way. We know that learning and improving water safety and swimming skills will benefit everyone no matter how old they are. Not only does it help to keep you physically fit, it may help save your life one day. It also helps your  mental well-being by relaxing the body and mind.


Our lead teacher Kat is an experienced and qualified teacher, she has over 20 years experience in competitive swimming and has been a qualified swimming teacher since 1998. Kat has experience of supporting students with a range of disabilities and learning styles.


She also holds a ‘Teacher Rescue’ qualification that gives her first aid skills including CPR in and out of water.


1-1 or small group lessons

At Iliffe Arts Swim Academy, we guarantee that each swimmer will significantly improve their skill, stamina, confidence and water safety, by the end of the term. We offer intensive 1-1, 1-2 or 1-3 sessions only for a personal approach catered to each swimmer’s need and ability. The swimming teacher will accompany the swimmer/s in the water, throughout the session.

Assessment- Swimmers will be continually assessed and will work towards the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) Learn to Swim Pathway and Framework, plus other water skills foasa-swim-for-life-final-logo-1024x860r each stage. We will mainly use stages 1-10, but there are other pathways that can also be studied including lifesaving, competitive swimming qualifications and distance badges/ achievements. This can be discussed and agreed at the beginning of the term and finalised after the first session/ teacher assessment. Visit Swim.org for more details  http://www.swimming.org/learntoswim/introduction-to-the-asa-learn-to-swim-pathway/


Feedback- All swimmers will have written assessment feedback on what they have achieved relating to the stage they have been working towards at the end of each term. Verbal feedback will be given throughout the term and within each session.

Awards- Each Swim Academy participant will receive a free Iliffe Arts Swim Academy certificate. Also available are the ASA certificate and badge for each stage that can be purchased from Iliffe Arts once a stage has been completed.

Where- Our Swim Academy takes place mainly in pools in the Leicester City area and also within some parts of East Leicestershire. The exact location is specific to each customer.

When- Sessions can fit in with each customer’s needs. The most popular times for our daily intensive sessions is during school holidays. Swim sessions last a minim of 1 hour, for 1- 3 swimmers at a similar level/ ability. If there are siblings or swimmers at different levels/ abilities, they could have a 30 minute slot each to make up the hour.

Price- Sessions are £40 per hour. There may be an additional entry fee at each pool. The first hour session is free and will be an assessment and learning session to set goals and targets. A series of sessions will then be booked, in order for continuity and the best progress for the swimmer. We recommend between 5- 6 hour sessions in close concession for the best outcomes.

Please contact Kat 07860165856 or 0116 3190473, to book your first session free!


Swim Academy Social Aims

As a social enterprise Iliffe Arts offer privet lessons either 1-1 or in small groups to gain money to be able to offer free swimming and water safety workshops, to specific groups of disadvantaged people who do not have access to learn to swim. For example as part of the Community Arts programme.