CACH Summer School

 CACH Celebrates Black History Month

Statistics show that children of African and Caribbean Heritage have consistently lower attainment levels and are also susceptible to low self-esteem, mental health difficulties, drug and alcohol abuse and teenage parenthood. These vulnerable young people regularly appear on the Local Authority strategy documents as requiring expensive and ongoing support. This group of people are consistently under-represented in managerial and higher paid careers.

Through taking part in our workshops these young people will learn the skills they need to make better and more appropriate education and life choices. They will have the opportunity to share experiences with other young people. Our specialist art workshops provide opportunities for young people who are  , or in danger of under achieving academically, to learn new creative skills and to develop their confidence in a safe and supportive environment. They are given the freedom to explore and express their emotions and experiences through the various art forms. They will learn how to identify and communicate their feelings in a positive non-destructive way. We will support them to continue and complete their education and/or find work to set them on the road to reach their full potential.

Children of mixed African/Caribbean heritage can have particular identity issues. Many of these children have also experienced discrimination and abuse and find it hard to trust and engage, within ‘normal’ educational environments. We work closely with other professionals who are already working with or have identified individuals or groups of children with unmet needs.

Engaging in the arts enhances our imaginative capabilities, helps us to see things differently. Iliffe Arts supports young people to become more confident, positive communicators and empowers them to be able to build their aspirations and reach their full potential.  ‘Crucially, the arts help people to feel that they belong; they provide us with new stories and tools for relating to and understanding one another’ (Ralph Ruguoff- director, Hayward Gallery 2016).









CACH Alternative Education Project – Coming Soon!