Who are Strides!?

Strides! is an excellent charity that have been supporting adults who have/ are suffered from mental ill-health since 1997. Click this link below to see the Strides website

So Strides! is a user led organisation that provides activities including residential outings to support adults who have or still are suffering from mental health issues. Their 3 main aims are:

1) To encourage confidence building particularly in social situations.

2) To promote social inclusion.

3) To confront stigma and challenge negative perceptions about mental health.

Kat our lead teacher occasionally works with the adults in Wednesday Strides! group, in supporting the work that they do.  She has been able to turn the issues that she has had with her own mental health into a positive to help others. Kat has been supporting and leading different health and well-being activities including swimming and movement therapy/ dance and body procession.

Strides! Youth

Kat is the Strides! Youth Support worker and leads the group, supporting students aged 11+ at Wigson College after school every Tuesday from 3-4.30pm. Kat works alongside an amazing and dedicated team of volunteer Support Workers, who are also service users and members of the main Strides! group. They listen to the students problems and help to support their positive mental health and well-being. Due to a successful National Lottery Awards for All bid, the Strides! Youth Group is now open to all youngsters from 11+ to attend.

Strides! Youth Summer 17 activities

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