RECC Project

Check out the RECC Project Crowd Fund

The ‘RECC Project’ (Recycle, Educate, Community, Crafts,) embodies what we stand for as a business enterprise by incorporating arts and crafts into creating environmentally friendly products. Part of Iliffe Arts social aims is to educate people about being more green/ozone friendly. We always encourage and teach people how to be environmentally friendly artists and designers. We reuse, recycle and up-cycle any materials we can find to be creative and artistic. Our Up-cycled Shop will feature handmade, one-off artefacts crafted from objects that were thrown away, unwanted, found or donated to us. Check out the RECC Project Crowd Fund

We will be giving a new lease of life to items by re-inventing them and most importantly we will be helping to decrease pollution by stopping objects getting thrown away into landfill sites. The project uses recycled materials, which we then sell in our ‘Up-Cycle Shop’ to fund our craft workshops.

The project currently features our ‘Reggae Range’ with a bespoke collection of BBQ’s which are made to order in your own unique designs and colours, amongst many more exciting collections soon to be launched.

What do we hope to achieve from it?

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness on how the arts can impact the environment in a number of ways and to celebrate a range of cultures in doing so. We hope to:

  • Teach people about environmentally friendly design and how to reduce the negative impact on our environment.
  • Inspire people to be creative by learning hands-on art, craft and design skills. Growing self-confidence and sense of achievement.
  • Provide a supportive environment and work experience for adults looking to get back to work, as well as young people who are not in education, employment or training.

Donations for our RECC Project and Up-cycle Shop are all gratefully received. Come and volunteer and donate your time, be creative and make something new, beautiful and amazing from old stuff and junk! Click Here to see the type of things we are in need of.

Contact us to arrange a pick up of your donations.

Browse our existing ‘Reggae Range’ below or visit our ‘Up-Cycling Shop’ for more information.










Check out the RECC Project Crowd Fund

Contact Us now to chose your, size, style, design and colours!

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