Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris Tutor

I’m Katherine and I have a passion for textile crafts that seem to take an excessively large amount of hours to create. Time is a precious commodity, and for me, being able to invest it in my work makes it even more special to me. And, in the busy world we live in, it’s a indulgent pleasure that I gain so much peace from and comfort in.

Textiles became my “thing” when I was about 18. I’d always had an interest in it before, choosing to study it throughout school. But when my Grandmother died and I inherited her old sewing and knitting materials I really connected to the subject.

Textile crafts became a way to feel ever connected to my relatives (especially the ladies, although I apparently had a great Uncle who was a fabulous crotcheter!) and helped me to gain a better awareness, sense of myself and confidence.

Those positive benefits from making are ones I would love to share. I’ve learnt my skills from other willing teachers wanting to pass on their skills. I would love to pass on that knowledge to future generations of creative’s to help them express themselves and continue the skills.

In the past, I have worked on the Red Suitcase Community Arts project, working in residential care homes helping elderly people, with ranging severities of dementia, to create beautiful patchwork quilts. But now, would like to really engage more with helping younger people. Currently, I am working with a local voluntary arts group to initiate a youth section with the intention to help support them in the arts, see the arts as a viable career option and expand their creative avenues.

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