Merlyn Fifield

Hi,  I am Merlyn and I have several areas of which I am passionate about and they are youth work, graphics, digital art, photography and performance poetry. I have worked in graphics before the current digital age and I have worked for advertising companies as well as for myself. Most notably freelancing with Price Waterhouse Coopers, McCann & Erikson, and producing artwork for the music industry. I have previously exhibited my own artwork with a local gallery and undertaken personal commissions of which I still do.

Photography is more of a recent development over the past decade as this stems from my passion for creative imagery. My work has been featured on various creative and photography sites and I have a couple of awards for my photography.

Literature has always held a fascination for me even at school especially poetry, I am always amazed of the ability to tell a story or raise a poignant issue in a manner that is graceful, humorous and very direct at times and resonates with the listener albeit they may not be aware of the subject matter. I have worked with a local spoken word project ‘Showcase Smoothie’ as well as performing my own slam poetry with other musicians and spoken word practitioners.

As I have a sense of social justice and an understanding of media and society I became a youth development worker. My youth work has seen me work directly on the streets with young people in deprived areas of Leicester and North London. I have obtained funding and organised creative projects such as music production, photography, digital art, outdoor activities and residentials. I have worked with and supported young people who have been homeless, involved with the criminal justice system, victim to substance misuse, excluded and deemed as hard to reach.

I remain focused on working with young people using my skills to raise their artistic and creative abilities to expand their own interest so they are able engage and function better in a more complex and difficult world, where the overload of false ideas, are sold as realities more often than not.