Mista Siyah

Dominic Rodrigues (aka Mista Siyah)

ominic Rodrigues Tutor Pic

Dominic Rodrigues Tutor Pic

Music is my passion. I have been a DJ for almost 20 years providing the entertainment for night clubs all types of parties and celebrations. I have enjoyed playing throughout Leicestershire, the Midlands, various UK locations as well as Cyprus and Antigua. I have worked as a community radio DJ presenter/ producer, with a weekly Sunday evening show, for the Leicester African Caribbean Centre’s Juice FM.

I have also been a DJ and sound engineer tutor for 2Funky Arts, teaching people aged 15-45. I taught DJ skills to students with (SEBD) social emotional and behavioural difficulties. The skills I taught include; using a turntable, mixer, how to successfully beat sync two different songs together, how to scratch and make                                                  different sounds with a record deck and mixer.

I have over 15 years experience as one of the founders and Managing Directors of Superior Entertainment. We successfully provide a disco and entertainment service, organising and promoting all types of music functions and gigs, catering for all genres, ages and occasions.

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