Maloujah Fari/ Selector Malachi

Malcolm Fife (aka Selector Malachi/Maloujah Fari)

Iliffe Art Tutor- Malcolm Fife aka Selector Malachi/Maloujah Fari

Iliffe Art Tutor- Malcolm Fife aka Selector Malachi/Maloujah Fari

Early Music Influences 1976-1982

Music has been a major part of my life through the influence of my parents. Growing up with 3 brothers and a sister we were all taught to play the guitar and piano. At the age of 10 years old I would play the records at my parent’s parties. I formed my first band at the age of 12 with my brothers. At 14 years old I was dj at my school discos. At 16 I along with some friends built our own sound system called Imperial Rebel. I played the music and                                                                                   chatted on the microphone.

Djing, Sound Systems & Events Played 1983-1990

Joined Peterborough’s number 1 sound called Chalawa Hi-Powa as the selector and toured around the UK doing dances in High Wycombe, Hitchin, Luton, Bedford, Bath, Brixton to name a few.

Promoters and the UK’s bigger sound systems like Fatman, Coxson & Gemini began to approach us to play as we started to get noticed. We also supported groups like Misty & Roots, Aswad and Steel Pulse.

Now more experienced, I re-joined Imperial Rebel rebuilt the sound and changed the name to Rebel Studio. I started taking my singers to the studio where I would build new tracks or use the tracks of other producers then get my singers to sing on them about the sound and its members. This is called voicing specials or cutting Dubplate.

We became Peterborough’s no.1 sound after winning the cup clash then went on to be no.1 in East Anglia and the East Midlands.

1990- 1996

We toured all the major Carnivals playing music and performing on stage and done Liverpool Carnival every year after their carnival committee contacted me. I travelled to Jamaica to cut Dubplate with artist like Earl 16, Michael Prophet, Leroy Gibbons and Ninjaman from over there. Then played in the

Merseyside Challenge Cup at the Toxteth Community Centre in Liverpool with Love Injection from Birmingham and Stereo Dan from Manchester we won that as well.

Recording 1996-2002

My brothers and I began touring with Unity Sound from North London after being approached by Ribs the manager of that sound, raising my profile even more. He also recorded my brothers at his studio releasing the tunes on his Unity Sounds label.

I also co-produced & released my first tune with my brother Anton called Your My Girl. I began to get more drawn to the production side of the music industry instead of just playing records.

My brothers and I formed a singing group called Xclusive and performed at several shows, pa’s, photo & video shoots. I worked with Mark Morrison, Bizzy & Carla T from Leicester. When Mark got signed by Warner Bros I toured around the UK with him helping out as a driver and security.

We appeared on several TV Music Shows like Top of the Pops and The Word and I was also in the video of his biggest hit that went number 1 around the world.

My Brothers and I travelled all over London meeting with Music Company A&R’s and sending out Demo’s. We eventually signed with Mr Palmer at Jet Star and released a tune called Rock That Body.

Promotions/Event Management 2002-2008

I continued doing promotions and playing out till my eldest son started showing an interest in selecting. I then began to focus more on the promotion and organising side and let him do the playing of the music.

Sounds like Stone Love from Jamaica, Mighty Crown from Japan and King Addis from New York are some of the sounds we played.

While playing out I the met club owner of 361 who had a big hit called Sorry back in the late 90’s his name was MonstaBoy. He made me realise that the way forward was to embrace all Genres of music and we started promoting multi genre events. With a mixture of Artist’s and Dj’s from Drum & Bass, Garage, Bassline, R&B, Hip-Hop and Reggae which was unheard of at the time it was a huge success.

We also done a re-mix of his hit tune with a different artist called Dwayne Haydon we produced and distributed it ourselves.

I suggested working with some of the artist that I had known over the years and arranged to use some of Mark Morrison’s accapella’s to do some Garage and Bassline re-mix’s. I co-produced and distributed the tunes to the club & radio dj’s around the UK and the response was great.

High Profile Artists I Have Worked With

While doing promotions with MonstaBoy, King Dread Promotions, Club Eden, other promoters and club owners. I have been involved in the negotiation & booking of the artists from home and abroad, including getting them to and from the events and looking after them. The organising of security, venue’s, dj’s and sounds, getting the flyers and posters sorted and distributed and making radio adverts.

We have worked with big international artist like Frankie Paul, Sanchez, Leroy Gibbons, Beanie Man Bounty Killa, Gappy Ranks, Lethal B, Dizzy Rascal, Roll Deep, Soul Solid Crew, Heartless Crew. And international sounds and Dj’s like

Metromedia, Kilamanjaro, Black Kat, Tim Westwood, Trevor Nelson, Seanie B, Sir David Rodigan and many more.

I helped negotiate, organise and promote The 2012 Uk DJ Roll Call Tour around the UK. This included Big Youth, Red Dragon, Flourgon, Daddy Lizard, Sweetie Irie, Papa Levi, General Levy and Starkey Banton.

Artist’s and Promoters suggested to me that I should take up Artist Management because they liked the way I dealt with them and I have plenty of experience and contacts in all areas of the music industry which I could use to help push and enhance an artist’s career.

I want to be able to set up my own Artist Management Company looking after all aspects of an artist’s career. And make my studio one of the UK’s main sources of music production.

Currently In Contact With

Carol Leeming: Creative Development Manager Mainstream Partnership, Alfred Bawak: Leicester for Business Ricky Shah and Avnesh Pandya: Skills for Enterprise & Kate Cowan: Spring to Action.                                                 

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